our response to the COVID-19 outbreak
and we try to stay positive and keep working on new and exciting things

On Sunday, March 15, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Quebec Government ordered all gathering places to suspend their activities and close their doors.The team at A/Maze supports this measure and immediately closed all of our locations. We understand the gravity of the situation and are ready to do anything needed to help stop the virus.

As a local business, we also understand the economical impact of the necessary lock down. In this time of crisis, we continue working on new games and making old games better, but after closing all 5 locations and suspending construction of 2 new spaces, we encounter the reality of paying rent and other utility bills.

We as a company can survive for some time, but it is hard to continue development
and the creative processes. We are thankful for the government's support, but at this time, we also rely on the support of the community.

To continue working, we came up with 3 special options. We designed them in a way to bring maximum benefit to you, our fans.

Alexander Karpov
Our Loyalty Passports are a fun system made to reward you for your escape game obsession! Write down your team name and your first escape game.

Collect stamps every time you play an adventure at A/Maze and once you've got 5 stamps, receive your sixth game for free!

Loyalty Passports are great way to show your support while recording your personal achievements. Purchase a passport online and receive it at the reception when we are re-open by providing your name and email address.
On March 15th, the day before closing, we finished building our newest escape "Mind Game" at A/Maze Atwater. This is a 30 minutes game, where you are inside the head of a serial killer and need to help find his victims.

The week after, we finished "Tesla Mystery" another game at our newest location in Old Port. Discover how electricity was born and what you need to do to stop its destruction. This is a 60 minutes game inside a new A/Maze restaurant.

These two games are the newest adventures at A/Maze and ones that have never been played. During the lock down, we offer 20% discount on gift cards for these games.
Stay-At-Home Games
We know that being isolated can be pretty tough. That's why we've opened an online store, so you can get the right weapons to fight off boredom! We've got riddles, board games and even escape games in a box!

All of this can be shipped to you from our A/Maze locations. We hope it will help us to continue creating and will help you spend this time by training your brain for when we reopen!
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Discover a series of different universes when you come to play at A/Maze! Use your wit and observational skills to conquer the challenges that have been placed before you. It's only by working as a team that you will be able to get out. Are you ready to take on the challenge?
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